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Top Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Posted on 1/17/2016 by Leslie Davis
A group of citrus fruit that can cause teeth damage.Practicing proper oral hygiene such as regular brushing, flossing and dental cleanings (or visits) are imperative for maintaining a healthy and happy mouth. It is commonly thought that with these simple precautions that the teeth will remain healthy and prosperous regardless of other outside factors.

This, however, is false. The foods that you eat also play a large role in maintaining adequate oral health. Keep reading for a list of the ones you should avoid.

Foods Bad for Your Teeth

•  Citrus
The Old Wives Tale that too much citrus will damage your teeth is actually not an Old Wives Tale after all but rather there is much truth behind it. The harsh acidity in citrus eats away at the tooth's surface enamel which protect it from bacteria, thus leaving the tooth more susceptible to tooth decay.
•  Ice
Ice is great to cool down a lukewarm glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, but it is not so great for your teeth. If you chew it that is. Chewing ice is a bad habit, one that is commonly mistaken to be harmless due to the composition of ice-water- However, chewing ice damages the tooth enamel leaving the tooth susceptible to bacteria and decay.
•  Coffee
NO, not coffee! Yep, coffee is not good for your teeth. When consumed in moderation it is okay, but consumed regularly with the addition of sugar is not especially good for your oral health. Coffee not only stains the teeth, but it also dries the mouth out and the addition of sugar contributes to tooth decay.
•  Sticky food
When looking for a healthy snack many turn to dried fruit, fruit gummies, or something of that sort. Unfortunately, sticky foods such as both of the mentioned examples are horrible for your teeth. This sticky texture result in the food remaining in your teeth for longer periods of time and especially when paired with sugar (i.e. fruit gummies) can result in tooth decay.
•  Potato chips
The old American past time that no BBQ is complete without happens to be dangerous for your teeth. Why? You might be wondering, and the answer is starch. Starch is a powerful contributor to plaque. So if you are going to munch down on a bowl of crunchy potato chips, be sure to floss and brush well later!

Now just because we mentioned these items does not mean that you have to avoid them all together in order to maintain good oral health. It just means moderate your consumption and take care to use proper cleaning methods after consumption.

Please contact us if you have any questions about dental friendly foods.
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