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The Top 4 Reasons a Water Pick Should Be In Your Bathroom

Posted on 10/23/2016 by Leslie Davis
A dentist talking with his patient about using a water pick.
Dentists recommend that you brush and floss your teeth every day. But there is another tool that you can add to your dental arsenal is a water pick. This piece of equipment shoots water at your teeth to help remove particles that may still be lingering. While many say it shouldn't be used in place of flossing, it does have its advantages.

Easy to Use
A water pick is a very easy tool to use, and requires less manual dexterity than traditional flossing. If you have trouble manipulating your hands or arms to fully complete flossing, the water pick can help you get into the places you missed.

Gets Into the Hard to Reach Places
There are some places, such as along the gum line, that no amount of proper flossing can get to. This is where the water pick comes in. You can aim it directly at the area where your gums meet your teeth and the water can push out particles. It can also get deeper in the areas between your teeth.

Gentle on Gums

Floss is known to be rough on your gums, often causing them to bleed. Cutting into the gums can potentially allow bacteria to enter. Even with the pressure exerted by the water pick, damage done to the gums is little to none. You can save yourself from a little pain and other potential problems by using a water pick around the gum line rather than forcing floss down in it.

Good For Those with Braces

There are several different types of heads that come with a water pick. These different types of picks are excellent for those with different cleaning needs. People with braces often find flossing difficult, as it can be hard to get the floss into every space that needs cleaning, and brushing doesn't remove everything from the metal.

A water pick can get into those otherwise elusive spaces, helping to prevent buildup that could otherwise lead to some serious dental issues.

Water picks are an excellent tool to have in your bathroom. While they are not meant to stand in for flossing, they can help a great deal in the thorough removal of food particles, keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

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