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What Exactly is a Dental Lab?

Posted on 12/25/2015 by Leslie Davis
A woman working inside of a dental lab.If you'll be having dental implants, dentures, bridges, or crowns put in place in your mouth, you may have heard your dentist use the term dental lab.

However, many people are unaware of what exactly these facilities do and how important they are in the practice of periodontics.

Dental labs work with periodontists and dentists in order to create a variety of important dental products:

•  Full sets of dentures
•  Partial dentures
•  Fixed bridges
•  Crowns
•  Veneers
•  Orthodontic appliances, such as invisible braces

The technicians working in a dental lab are highly-skilled at creating these appliances, and they'll have experience working with a variety of materials, including plastic, alloys, waxes, stainless steel, composite materials, and porcelain. They will also need to use specialized equipment and tools to perform lab procedures to create teeth replacements that are both functional and beautiful.

Although dental labs only employ the most highly-qualified of professionals and your dentist will thoroughly inspect their work before any restoration is placed in your mouth, you may want to learn more about the specific dental lab before you go ahead with a treatment option.

It is important to find out if a dental lab uses materials approved by the ADA and what type of quality control checks they have in place to inspect their work. In many cases, your dentist will have actually traveled to the lab, and you can get specific information about their impressions and the products that the lab offers.

Dental labs are extremely important in the field of dentistry. Without dental labs, it would be almost impossible to create the customized crowns, implants, and other products that patients need to improve the structure, function, and appearance of their smiles. Dental labs allow dentists to create the right restorative solution that will be customized to meet the unique needs of the patient.

Please contact us if you have any questions about dental labs.
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