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The Reasons Not to Ignore that Posterior Missing Tooth

Posted on 9/25/2015 by Leslie Davis
A man suffering from a missing a tooth.Many people may have one or two missing teeth. If those missing teeth are in the back, many people simply replace the front dentition and ignore the back teeth. You should not place sole priority on restoring the missing teeth in the front of your mouth though. This issue is equally important because dentition in the back of the mouth can cause you lots of dental problems.

Remember that just because your back teeth are not visible does not mean you should not care about them. All of the teeth in your mouth are important and serve a purpose. Most people choose not to replace their missing back teeth because it is too expensive or they may think that their current dental condition is fine. Nevertheless, your posterior teeth play an integral role in helping you eat and chew. They are used to help you grind up food; missing dentition in the back of your mouth can reduce your natural chewing efficiency.

Dental Problems from Missing Posterior Teeth

Missing posterior teeth can cause you lots of dental problems such as difficulty chewing, chronic jaw pain, movement of adjacent dentition, excessive tooth corrosion, uneven wear on remaining teeth, and destruction of the surrounding jawbone.

Furthermore, leaving gaps in your back dentition can create other problems for your surrounding teeth and gums along with the bones, muscles, and joints inside of the jaw. Loss of your back teeth can put more stress on the remaining teeth and create more dental issues such as causing a tooth fracture. If a fracture goes deep into the root of a tooth, it may be unrepaired. The final result is a removal or extraction.

Moreover, the loss of your back teeth can drastically affect your physical appearance and lower your self-esteem. If this problem is not taken care of, your face can appear shorter or sunken in; this can result in sagging skin on your face. Additionally, it can cause the movement and degradation of healthy dentition and the gums surrounding the area in the back of your mouth. If your remaining teeth start to shift inside of the mouth, the other teeth can collapse into those empty spaces.

This can create an uneven bite and cause excessive wear on your other dentition. Your opposing teeth will start to move downward and touch the gums. Unfortunately, if this happens, you may lose these teeth because they will eventually drift and come out of the bone socket.

Dental Treatment Options

Several options are available to help you replace or restore your missing back teeth. The two treatment alternatives include a removable partial denture and an implant supported bridge. Dental implants are one of the best choices to use if you want to correct this issue. They will not adversely impact your surrounding dentition. Rather, dental implants can offer you a long term solution to your dental problems.

They are not hard to maintain and you should take care of them just like your natural teeth. This option can also help preserve bone by replacing the tooth root, stability due to the bridge attaching safely to the implant, and it can restore your natural chewing capacity.

A removable partial denture is custom made to fit your mouth and is mainly used for aesthetic reasons. It can replace one or more missing dentition and has a lower cost as compared to other dental treatments. If you experience additional tooth loss, a dentist may be able to add more false teeth to your removable partial denture. It also works well for people who have some natural teeth saved inside of their mouth.

Why Consult a Dentist?

If you feel bad about your facial appearance or have questions about the effects of this condition on your dental health, please contact us at our office to see if one of our professionals can help you resolve this issue. Please do not ignore that missing posterior tooth because it can leave unwanted gaps inside of your mouth.

These rifts can lead to problems with your surrounding dentition and gums. You may also have difficulties with the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments in your jaw. Do not delay, please call us and make an appointment today.

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