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The Top Reasons you Have Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 9/15/2015 by Leslie Davis
A woman suffering from sensitive teeth.If you have felt the pain of sensitive teeth before you know how painful it can be! Suddenly taking a sip of your favorite tea or digging into your favorite ice cream has you shrieking in pain. How did that happen?

You don't remember anything going wrong in your mouth and you do not feel pain unless you are eating something hot or cold, so what is the problem? Chances are you are suffering from sensitive teeth. There is an underlying reason why you have the sensitivity, but all that you know right now is that you cannot enjoy your favorite food and drinks. Let's get to the bottom of the reasons that this could be happening and how you can fix it.


Are you a tooth grinder? You might be and not even know it. If you wake up with tense jaws, have chronic headaches, or never feel as if you sleep really well, you could have this habit and not even realize it. Ask someone that lives with you if they notice you making grinding noises while you sleep - that is the first clue that you are guilty of this habit. If you are, you could be slowly causing the enamel on your teeth to disappear. The enamel is the protection for the interior components of your teeth; this is where the pain is felt and why you suddenly have sensitive teeth.

You Brush Your Teeth too Hard

Some people think that the harder they brush their teeth, the better job they are doing, but the opposite is true. You can do your teeth and gums serious harm by brushing too hard. The perfect way to brush your teeth is with mild pressure and at the right angle. This will provide your teeth with the cleaning they need without being too abrasive on your enamel or gums. The harder you push on your teeth and your gums, the higher the risk is that you will suffer from sensitivities because the enamel and gum tissue serve as the protector for you the inner workings of your teeth.

You are Drinking the Wrong Things

If you drink anything but water on a regular basis, you are doing your teeth harm. The acids in soda and juice eat away at the enamel on your teeth. To make matters worse, these drinks are also loaded with sugar, which means that the acids and sugars work together to weaken your enamel, cause tooth decay, and make you suffer pains when you consume hot and cold food/drinks.

You are not getting Regular Cleanings

Regular cleanings in our office are the best way to avoid having sensitive teeth. If we notice a cracked tooth, decay, receding gums, or weakened enamel, we will help you find the right treatment right away. We can only do this if you come in for cleanings and exams though. If you are not coming in for regular appointments, you could be suffering from underlying dental health issues that you are not aware of.

If you have sensitive teeth, we urge you to come in to get to the bottom of the problem. Taking care of the simple issues that could be causing the sensitivities can help you comfortably enjoy your favorite food and drinks again. Rather than suffering, let us help you take care of the problem so that you can ensure healthy teeth in the long run as well as the ability to enjoy your life!

Life is too short to deal with sensitive teeth; please contact us for an appointment so that we can help you determine the problem today!
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