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Diabetes and Gum Disease - What's the Connection?

Posted on 6/10/2015 by Leslie Davis
A doctor holding up a chalkboard with the word Diabetes written on it.Diabetes is one of the most widespread medical conditions in the world and among the different ill effects that it can have on the body, one of the most damaging is the effects to a person's gums. It usually results in infection of the gums and the bones in the mouth which in turn may result in the teeth becoming loose from their roots. In the end, this could mean ultimate tooth and bone loss. In addition the infection can be extremely painful for anyone who suffers from it. Luckily, there are simple steps that you can take to miminze your risk of gum disease as a result of your diabetes.

The Connection

Over the years it has been observed that people who have been able to keep their diabetes under control have not suffered as greatly from gum disease as the ones who have been unable to control their condition. It is important to point out that the chances of those without any diabetic condition contracting gum diseases is almost the same as those who have their diabetic condition under control. This shows you just how grave the damages can be if you have diabetes if you leave it uncontrolled. The effect that diabetes has on the blood vessels of anyone who suffers from the condition is the root cause of gum disease, but the damage can be controlled with the proper steps.

Diabetes, Blood Vessels and Gum Disease

As pointed out earlier, the effect of diabetes on the blood vessels of an individual is the primary reason why the gums are often affected by infections. Diabetes makes the blood vessels thicker than normal which results in a lesser amount of blood flow into the gums. It also means that a lesser amount of toxins are flushed out of the mouth and/or body. The dual effect of this situation is that on one hand the gums do not get as much nourishment from the blood that flows in to them and on the other hand the toxins are not flushed out as efficiently as possible. This results in infections that can be extremely painful and can cause long term damage to your oral health. It is also important to understand that because of diabetes the glucose content in the saliva increases manifold; the high glucose content in the mouth is a big reason why bacteria may thrive there. In the long run, it can cause extreme damage to the gums of anyone who suffers from diabetes.

However, all is not lost for anyone who suffers from diabetes since the situation can be kept under control. If you decide to take care of this condition and keep the blood sugar levels as low as possible so that blood vessels do not get thickened at all, you can prevent gum disease. As an added benefit, it would also lead to a lowering of the glucose content in the saliva that would also result in minimizing your chances of gum disease. It has been observed that people who keep their condition under control do not suffer from gum diseases connected to diabetes.

The primary focus of anyone who suffers from diabetes should be to take his medication seriously and follow the instructions of his doctor so that the associated troubles like gum diseases are kept in check.

If you think you may be suffering from diabetes related gum diseases, please contact us at (602) 551-8665 to schedule your appointment today. An expert will always make sure that you are cured as quickly as possible as well as help you determine the appropriate solution for your situation.
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